Patient Success Stories

I’ve known and worked with the team at Blue Bell Physical Therapy for more than 3 years regarding three different issues. My recent exposure came as a result of a meniscus tear that led to arthroscopic surgery that failed. Dennis and his team worked with me throughout the whole experience and prepared me for total knee replacement. They are consummate professionals - Attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. Their therapeutic knowledge of techniques designed to alleviate and correct physical discomfort and put patients back on a path for normalcy is outstanding, and is what sets them apart from others. They built a program designed with my specific needs and goals in mind using a keen sense of restorative and kinetic understanding.

Dennis and his team have been instrumental in my progress to regain mobility, strength and flexibility. They encourage my success with a positive attitude and attentiveness at each session.

My recovery in moving at an accelerated pace and I’m confident that with their help and encouragement, I will be back to doing everything that I want shortly.

When you want the best outcome, you go to the best.

Tom Vetterani

"In 2008 Blue Bell PT did a great job getting me back to normal after surgery to re-attach my arm tendon. Thus, when I had rotator cuff surgery in November of 2016 I immediately knew I was going to go to Blue Bell PT for treatment. Nando and his staff again did a remarkable job and I am on the road to full recovery".
R. B.
Ambler, PA

"I have used Blue Bell Physical Therapy Service (BBPTS) for two total knee replacements over the last three years. Nando Addari and his team of skilled staff did an outstanding keeping me focused on my goals even through difficult times. They were engaged in my entire wellness program and BBPTS uses the best equipment and techniques for quality patient care and customer satisfaction. Nando is always there to answer my questions when I need help and he compliments me and his staff on a job well done!

Nando and his staff are honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous to their patients and it makes one appreciate their excellent skills and understanding."
Blue Bell, PA

“I had terrible heel pain that would become worse as the day progressed. I tried everything I read about on line and on the web: stretching, icing, avoiding hard surfaces and even new shoes. Nothing helped. So I saw my doctor and she diagnosed my having a form of plantar fasciitis and referred me to Blue Bell Therapy. I learned that Blue Bell has the experience and special expertise for treating foot issues. They knew exactly what to do. The result – no pain – I get up in the morning feeling like a new person.”
Jeffersonville, PA

“On some days, my run early every morning can be the highlight of my day. But I’m not as young as I used to be and my ankles had been bothering me the minute I got out of bed. So I found myself delaying my run or not running at all. A running partner referred me to Blue Bell Physical Therapy. They checked me out, provided therapy and series of exercises to do on my own and I’m back out there pounding away.”
Blue Bell, PA

“Like a lot of us, I found myself pushing myself – with work and outside activities. But on vacation I pushed myself too hard and too fast while hiking with the family. My knee started screaming. When I returned home, my brother, who is more of an athlete than I, suggested I see his therapist at Blue Bell Physical Therapy. I figured I needed to see a doctor first but my brother said, ‘no, just call, they will see you’. Blue Bell saw me right away, diagnosed my problem and got me into a program of exercises designed just for me and my problem. I no long push myself too, too hard and with Blue Bells advice I’m pain free.
M. B
Blue Bell, PA

“I have had issues with my lower back for a number of years. Some days better; some days worse. Recently, though, the pain was really bad, did not go away and I was miserably home bound. I figured enough is enough and called my doctor. He referred me to Blue Bell Physical Therapy and I was very pleased to get an appointment within hours, that very day. Blue Bell got me into a regular therapy regimen and the relief has been near miraculous. Thank you Blue Bell – I feel I have my life back.”
Norristown, PA

“I felt a terrible stiffness in my neck which seemed to get worse over time. I could not figure out why until I read a story in the local paper. The story said computer work produces all kinds of muscle problems. That was my “ah-ha” moment: writing is my work and I sit at the computer all day long. I called Blue Bell Therapy and they saw me that day, without a doctor’s script! They set me up in a regular therapy schedule and as long as I follow their program - no more stiffness.”
Upper Gwynedd, PA

“I used to feel a persistent pain in my left shoulder. I thought surgery was the only option but Nando Addari and his team were able to alleviate my pain in just four sessions. I have great respect for the care provided by Blue Bell Physical Therapy.”
J.S., Malvern, PA
Rotator Cuff Injury

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